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“What in the world is a blog? People pay you to do that?” -Tim Bestor 

In more ways than one, I can assume you’re not like my dad. You know the importance of blogging. A few quality blog posts can literally double your site’s traffic. So when you absolutely need quality, I’m your guy. Check out some of the stuff I’ve done in the blog-o-sphere.

Site-wide rankings

Multiple First-Page

40 pages ranked in the top three results.

That’s what I accomplished in a short time when I re-wrote pages for Minneapolis.org. But that’s the superficial stat.

That reworking resulted in improving click-through rates for the 300+ partners AND raising the SEO tremendously. Just look at the image to the right to see how I helped that site become healthy overall.

Site Stats
SEO Blog Posts

Blogs should rank, too

First Page
Blog Post Rankings

Blog posts get readers all sorts of ways. Social media, email blasts, newsletter mentions. The problem is, those are all temporary — like throwing kindling into a fire. The real fuel comes from dominating search engines.

I’ve consistently had post after post rank at the top of search engines: just search “how to create unique content” or “homepage sliders.” You’ll see my posts at the top.

Heck, try “worst landing page ever.” You’ll like that one


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