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Writing a good landing page today is akin to writing a killer sales letter in the 50’s. So much revenue depends on generating leads and closing sales on these highly specialized pages. It’s that combination of high-pressure and big payoff that make this medium my favorite to write for. These are a few examples from the 3000+ pages I’ve written in my career.

Cold leads? No problem

Landing Pages
That Convert

I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say marketers are savvy to what other marketers are doing. So marketing to marketers is hard — so marketing to the top tier of marketers must be impossible, right?

Wrong. This landing page was part of a LinkedIn campaign to attract cold leads part of the top tier of email marketers via InMail.

You might want to sit down when you read this result…it generated a 48% opt-in rate. That’s unheard of for cold leads. It’s one of LinkedIn’s most successful InMail campaigns to date.

Note: Click the image to see a full-size version.

Linkedin Landing Page

No product is to big to sell

Selling Expensive Products.
No Problem.

Here’s another ridiculously tough vertical to hit: agencies. They’re bombarded by digital marketing service after service trying to pedal their wares. So when you try to sell them a really, REALLY expensive marketing service, it can get interesting.

But I’m up for that. My goal was to sell an Enterprise solution to these agencies. This landing page gives an agency a free resource, placing them into a drip sequence that eventually hard-sells the solution.

I sent this page to 30 agencies and, all said and done, seven purchased the plan — so 25% conversion on a big-ticket item.

THAT…is a big deal. No product is too expensive to sell.

Big, sexy speed

Unmatched Writing Speed

Consider that it took two years for J.K. Rowling to write Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. A classic, if I do say so myself. But copywriters don’t have the luxury of two years.

It took me 35 days to write the same amount for the 2100 web pages during the rebrand of Minneapolis.org. I re-wrote all the content from every page on the site, improving click-through rates for the 300+ partners AND raising the SEO tremendously (more on that later in the SEO section). Fun fact: I also wrote the very first page for same-sex marriage in Minneapolis.

That’s big, sexy speed that gets results. If you hate waiting around for good copy, then let’s talk.

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