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“What in the world is a blog? People pay you to do that?” -Tim Bestor 

In more ways than one, I can assume you’re not like my dad. You know the importance of blogging. A few quality blog posts can literally double your site’s traffic. So when you absolutely need quality, I’m your guy. Check out some of the stuff I’ve done in the blog-o-sphere.

Award-winning posts

Blog Of The Year

I started a blog from scratch when I was the copywriter for the city of Minneapolis. Yep, the entire city of Minneapolis.

It was the first time the city really attempted a blog. I was lucky enough to be the creator, editor, writer…designer…publisher…. Ok, it was a one-man show.

But by year’s end, that blog won Blog of the Year from the prestigious Travel + Leisure. One post even resulted in half our entire site’s traffic for the year, and Sports Illustrated called it “The best thing you’ll read all day.

Travel And Leisure Award Winner
Blog Posts

Go big

Some Epic (Long)
Blog Posts

I’ve written a few posts. About 200+, to be exact. And we’re not talking about 500 word posts, either. When I write a blog post, I want it to be epic. I once wrote an 11,000 word blog post because hey, why not? Here are a few of my favorite blog posts I’ve created:

Funnel Building – The Re-Education: WARNING: You’ll need a bit of time to read this. It’s 11,000 words about a new theory I created to help anyone build a high-converting sales and marketing funnel.

How to Create Unique Content: I didn’t just peel back the curtain a bit — I tore it off its hinges in this post to show people exactly how I create unique content.

The Surprising Truth Behind Why People Comment on Blogs: This was an in-depth research piece that was featured on Reddit. It delves into why people comment on blog posts…and it’s pretty counterintuitive to what you may believe.

The Definitive Guide To Parallax Design: This 4,000 word behemoth tackles the parallax trend in design (and why it could be useful for some businesses).

NOTE: You can see the rest of my LeadPages work here.

Visibility through blog posts

First Page Blog

Blog posts get readers all sorts of ways. Social media, email blasts, newsletter mentions. The problem is, those are all temporary — like throwing kindling into a fire. The real fuel comes from dominating the likes of Google, Bing and (I guess) Ask Jeeves.

I’ve consistently had post after post rank at the top of search engines: just search “how to create unique content” or “homepage sliders.” You’ll find my stuff at the top

Heck, try “worst landing page ever.” You’ll like that one.

SEO Blog Posts


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