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“Ad” has taken on such a vast meaning, hasn’t it? It could mean AdWords, banner ads, radio spots, YouTube commercials, promoted posts…this list goes on and on.

The problem is, most writers are one trick ponies. They can do one type of ad really well, but they might not be great at the other ads. Then you have to scour the Earth to find another copywriter to write another type of ad.

But guess what? You don’t have to do that anymore. I’ve written almost every type of ad you can think of, and I’ve had success with every one of them. My quest is to be the best writer for every piece of content possible, and ads are no exception.

AdWords certified

Dominate Where it
Matters: Google Network

The Google Display Network reaches 90% of users worldwide. Google sees 3.5 BILLION searches per day. Seems like this might be a nice place to run some ads…

That’s where I come in. A client of mine used to use an agency to manage their AdWords account for the entire city of Minneapolis. They weren’t doing the best job in the world, so I ended up learning AdWords in my free time and becoming certified. brought AdWords back in

I built out an entire campaign for my client, moved AdWords away from the agency and my client was able to cut their spending in half while getting triple the results.

Banner Ads

Make your ads count

Powerful Banner Ads

Banner ads are…banner ads.

They’re pretty straightforward, honestly. I bet that’s not what you expected to hear. But maybe I feel that way towards them because I’ve written hundreds of these.

Good news — that repetition has led to a formula that works. It’s a repeatable pattern that guarantees clicks. I’ll be transparent with you. My lowest CTR on a banner ad ever was .6%, and the highest has been upwards of 48%. If you understand the significance of those percentages, come talk to me. I’ve got some ads to write for you.

The new ads

Big-Time Promoted Posts

No one likes seeing a flagrant ad in stuff they like. YouTube commercials get skipped, posts get blocked, mean tweets are received. It’s annoying — especially if the ad is boring or doesn’t apply to them.

That’s why you need engaging statuses that people enjoy (and don’t feel like an ad). I’ve written a ton of these, but my favorite was a series of promoted posts for LeadPages resources. Not only were they ridiculously successful but, to this day, they’re still the most successful in the history of promoted posts at LP.

Promoted Posts

If it's printed, make it actionable

Print Ads That
Don't Feel Like Ads

Print ads are a staple for any big business, and I’ve taken a slightly untraditional route in this field. Sure, I can (and have) written the flashy “here’s an attractive person sitting on a beach looking wistfully into the distance while spraying too much cologne on himself” type of ads. But I’m most proud of the things that don’t get skipped over — advertorials.

People want content. So my print ads give value instead of the aforementioned sultry model. Check out the images to the right to see two of my favorite advertorials.

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If you run an ad, you’re investing in an action. Click the button to contact me and we’ll make sure you get the action you’re looking for — every.single.time.